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Why choose ACCA for your accounting career in Dubai?

When you choose ACCA, you can adopt multiple career directions in the accountancy field. You can opt for great accounting careers in Dubai and other interesting roles (like Tax expert, Auditor, Business consultant) around the world. You can also become a finance expert that the world needs.

The journey toward ACCA is both fulfilling and rigorous and we will guide you through every step of your career progression.

ACCA serves as a hallmark for strategic equipped with technical knowledge and steady professional ethics. Moreover, the ACCA qualification is universally recognised and accepted by esteemed institutions such as the UN and the European Union.

If you want to be an ACCA expert, you're in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about ACCA and why it's a great choice for your accounting career in Dubai.

ACCA qualification: An overview

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a global organisation that offers aspiring and seasoned professionals the necessary exposure, expertise and practical experience in fundamental accounting and finance principles.

ACCA operates worldwide, spanning over 180 countries with a membership exceeding 200,000 active members. The level of knowledge imparted through ACCA certification is highly respected due to its standardised and dynamic nature across all aspects.

To attain ACCA membership, you must:

  • Successfully complete 13 examinations (with potential exemptions of up to 9 exams based on prior educational qualifications).
  • Have 36 months of relevant work experience (which can be gained during, before, or after pursuing the qualification).
  • Fulfil the requirements of the ethics and professional skills module.

Upon passing all mandatory examinations, you qualify to become a member of the well-known ACCA community and earn the designation of a certified chartered accountant. You will then be ready to explore numerous accounting careers in Dubai.

Explore the ACCA programme!

Accounting careers in Dubai

ACCA focuses on international accounting and auditing standards, enabling its members to develop the expertise required for assessing businesses and offering effective management solutions. Here are several positions an ACCA affiliate can pursue after completing the ACCA qualification:

1. Financial planner & analyst

  • Analyses market trends and financial status to make business recommendations
  • Aims to increase profits and reduce financial risk

2. Accountant (financial & management)

a. Financial accountant

    • Evaluates financial information using financial statements and balance sheets
    • Reports to external stakeholders such as investors, shareholders, bankers, etc.

b. Management accountant

    • Identifies, measures, evaluates and reports financial information
    • Assists management in making critical business decisions

3. Financial controller/corporate treasurer

a. Financial controller

    • Manages day-to-day finance department operations
    • Oversees transactions, compliance audits, financial data assessment and budget preparation

b. Corporate treasurer

    • Secures capital funds for fulfilling financial obligations
    • Formulates financial policies and strategies, maintains liquidity and manages financial risk

4. Auditor

  • Certifies accuracy of financial and operational data and reports
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory frameworks

5. Tax specialist

  • Advises on national and international tax law issues
  • Ensures entities meet tax obligations while complying with statutory requirements

6 Benefits of ACCA Certification

Getting an ACCA certification helps you become known worldwide and opens numerous accountant job opportunities in Dubai and across the globe. Gaining this certification makes it easier to move up in your career no matter where you are.

Benefits of ACCA certification

Global exposure

  • ACCA is a rapidly growing global body with over 200,000 qualified members worldwide.
  • Membership offers international exposure, potentially leading to career advancements in various sectors.
  • ACCA qualification remains valid globally, opening doors to accountant job opportunities in Dubai and across the globe.

Robust foundation

  • Open to graduates, school-passed candidates and experienced professionals.
  • Emphasises core concepts, managerial skills, communication expertise and technical know-how.
  • Focuses on ethical and professional development, adhering to strict ethics and corporate accountability standards.

Well-structured programme

  • Comprehensive programme covering accounting, finance, managerial, strategic and analytical modules.
  • Provides updates on tax laws, regulations and industry developments. Tailored to career aspirations, covering topics essential for lucrative positions or entrepreneurship.
  • Includes mandatory modules on communication, ethics and professionalism.

Better growth opportunities

  • Developed in collaboration with industry leaders, offering practical business and finance insights.
  • Enhances core concepts and skills, including communication, strategic planning and technical expertise.
  • Boosts resume value, increasing the probability of senior strategic management roles at international organisations.

Lifetime support and networking

  • Access to a vast global member infrastructure for support and networking.
  • Opportunities for peer support and collaboration among like-minded professionals.

Higher salary

  • ACCA qualification enhances earning potential, allowing negotiation for higher salaries.
  • Positions individuals for better-paying accounting careers in Dubai and across the world and job advancements.

Want to explore accountant job opportunities in Dubai?

explore accountant job opportunities in Dubai

If you're interested in exploring accountant job opportunities in Dubai, GBS Dubai is here to help you.

GBS Dubai is one of the well-known higher education institutions, known for its specialist courses in fields such as accounting, banking and healthcare management, to name a few.

GBS Dubai is dedicated to offering students a transformative educational journey, demonstrated by its mission of "changing lives through education." Authorised by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), GBS Dubai ensures that all academic qualifications are recognised by both public and private entities in Dubai.

For students aspiring to achieve their career goals through ACCA qualification, GBS Dubai provides the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Programme, making it an excellent choice. Graduates of this ACCA programme possess prestigious qualifications that enhance their career prospects in financial management, including auditing and taxation in both public and private sectors.

Progression through the applied skills level and completion of the ACCA ethics and professional skills module also allows learners to pursue the BSc Hons in Applied Accounting, accredited by Oxford Brookes University. Upon completion, individuals become full members of the ACCA, opening doors to numerous career opportunities.

An ACCA qualification serves as a gateway to various possibilities, including further education, entrepreneurship, or industry employment. This globally recognised financial qualification empowers individuals to confidently navigate the world of accounting and finance.

Explore the ACCA programme to find the right pathway for advancing your accounting career in Dubai.

Frequently asked questions about accounting career in Dubai

There are various accountant job opportunities in Dubai for you to explore, ranging from entry-level positions to senior roles across industries such as finance, banking, real estate, hospitality and more. These positions may include roles such as staff accountant, financial analyst, tax accountant, management accountant, internal auditor and financial controller, among others.

An accounting career in Dubai is worth pursuing for several reasons. Firstly, Dubai's thriving economy and status as a global business hub offer abundant opportunities for career advancement and professional development in the accounting field. Additionally, working in Dubai provides exposure to international business practices, diverse industries and networking opportunities, enhancing one's professional experience and marketability. With its tax-free income policy and diverse range of industries, Dubai offers a promising environment for accountants to thrive and grow in their careers.

After completing the ACCA programme, you can pursue various accounting career opportunities in Dubai such as financial analyst, auditor, tax specialist, management accountant and financial controller.

After completing the ACCA programme, you can pursue various accounting career opportunities in Dubai such as financial analyst, auditor, tax specialist, management accountant and financial controller.

To enrol in the ACCA programme, you generally require at least two A-levels and three GCSEs or equivalent qualifications. However, alternative pathways, such as a related degree or relevant work experience, are also accepted. It's crucial to verify the specific entry criteria with either the ACCA or an accredited educational institution.

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