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GBS offers a range of courses in business and management, information technology, construction management, education, banking, finance and more.

Our courses are developed using leading industry practices and are designed to improve student's employability and enhance their career prospects.

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International Diploma in Business (Level 2)

Our International Diploma in Business gives you a concise perspective on the world of business, with the skills to capitalise on your new insights. You will learn key areas within business and enterprise in a structured learning environment mirroring what you’ll find in a professional organisation. This level 2 diploma is also great preparation for the International Extended Diploma in Business at GBS Dubai.

International Extended Diploma in Business (Level 3)
The International Extended Diploma in Business at GBS Dubai develops your skills and competencies within a practical learning environment, preparing you for success in your future career. What you learn during this course will enable you to operate confidently within the workplace or provide the ideal preparation to start a GBS HND course.

HND International in Business
Our HND in Business at GBS Dubai gives you an innovative, industry-focused perspective on the business world around you. This course enables you to hone your skills real-world learning environment, with the opportunity to take several structured learning pathways toward your future career.

Diploma in Education and Training (Level 5)
Our Diploma in Education and Training is designed to enhance your abilities within the learning environment. Whether you’re just starting your career in education or looking to gain more knowledge to enhance your current role in education, this is the diploma for you.

HND in Cloud Computing
The HND in Cloud Computing at GBS Dubai develops your specialist knowledge and competencies, in an environment designed to prepare you to excel in your future tech career. The practical nature of the course is ideal for progressing your hard and soft skillsets, instilling you with the knowledge to enter your new career with confidence or go further in higher education.

HND in Digital Technologies
Our HND in Digital Technologies is an essential component in advancing your knowledge and understanding in key areas such as networking, security and web design. The progressive and demanding learning environment will also be crucial for developing transferrable skills; preparing you for a successful career or to progress further in higher education.

HND in Construction Management
The HND in Construction Management at GBS Dubai immerses you in the latest topics impacting the construction industry. We can help you unlock your ambitions for a career in construction with an engaging course structure in a professional learning environment, giving you specialist skills that the industry is demanding.

4 Weeks Global Investment Banking Analyst Programme
During your Global Investment Banking Analyst Programme at GBS Dubai, the intensive structure of learning helps build an adept understanding of key financial areas. The fluid and adaptable nature of this four-week programme makes it ideal for those new to the sector or experienced, providing invaluable insight for any future career in finance.

International Extended Diploma in IT (Level 3)
Our Level 3 Extended Diploma in Information Technology provides you with the essential knowledge and skills to thrive in your future IT career. You will be exposed to the key topics and challenges impacting today’s IT landscape — with a globally-recognised qualification that thoroughly prepares you for the world of work. This course is the ideal start on the pathway into higher education.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Programme
If you have considered a career in financing then you’ll know that it can be stimulating, rewarding and worthwhile in the long term. Our new ACCA learning pathway in Accountancy at GBS Dubai delivers a comprehensive understanding of accountancy — with targeted development in key transferable skills that are valuable across all sectors of business.