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GBS Business & Management courses

The business world is always looking for qualified professionals who have a wide range of business skills plus specialist management, commercial, legal, and financial knowledge. A business and management qualification from GBS will enable you to develop your skills and expertise - and will open the door to a bright career in this exciting sector.

Why choose a GBS Business qualification?

  • Wide choice of career paths
  • Exciting and diverse sector
  • Flexible study options
  • Expert tuition from business professionals
  • Globally recognised qualifications

Multiple career options including:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting
  • Entrepreneurship and start-ups

A GBS Dubai business and management course will expand your practical, theoretical, and professional knowledge – and prepare you for success in today's challenging and competitive business environment.

Today's rapidly changing, increasingly globalised business world needs highly qualified and skilled leaders and managers. Studying a business and management qualification at GBS will provide you with the opportunity to apply industry-relevant skills within a real-life business context. You’ll graduate with an in-depth understanding of the global business world.

You’ll develop your commercial, business, and professional skills. There is support from expert course tutors throughout every course, and you'll have plenty of encouragement to develop your business expertise.

Investing in your future with a business and management qualification from GBS Dubai will open the door to a wide range of exciting career pathways, such as marketing, human resources, management, and leadership. It will also develop your entrepreneurial skills if running your own business is your goal.


GBS Business & Management courses

Choose from a wide range of certificate and diploma courses in Business & Management


International Level 2 Diploma in Business (SRF)

Interested in finding out more about the world of business? Want to take the first steps in your business career? This level 2 business diploma gives you an introduction to business and the basic skills and knowledge needed for the workplace. You'll also be ready to continue your studies with a level 3 extended diploma in business from GBS.


International Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business (SRF)

Looking to make your mark in the world of business? This business diploma gives you a solid introduction to the world of industry, trade and commerce. It will prepare you with the skills and knowledge you need to enter the workplace, or to continue your studies with a higher education course such as a GBS Dubai HND.


HND International in Business

Wanting to join the workplace at a more senior level, and aim for a career in manageemnt and leadership? The GBS Dubai Higher National Diploma (HND) International in Business prepares you with the right set of skills to join the workplace or continue with higher education.