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GBS Education & Training Courses

The education and training sector is wide and diverse, covering everything from traditional school education, adult education and the delivery of specialist training courses.

Whatever you plan to teach or train, the GBS diploma in education and training will give you pedagogical methodology, educational theory and hands-on, practical sessions teaching and training in real classrooms.

Why choose a GBS education qualification?


Why choose a GBS education qualification?

  • Wide choice of career paths
  • Interesting and stimulating sector
  • Flexible study options
  • Expert tuition from education professionals
  • Globally recognised qualifications


Multiple career options including:

  • Trainer, coach or mentor
  • Lecturer or teacher
  • Education management
  • Education administration
  • Materials developer

A GBS education and training qualification gives you the specialist  
skills and expert knowledge that employers in this ever-expanding sector
are looking for. You'll be ready to start teaching and training - or head on
toa higher qualification or a professional certification.

Education and training is a constantly evolving sector, with delivery and
methodology adapting to changes in technology and social context. The
traditional classroom has been joined by online and distant learning - and
all require specific skills from expert education professionals.


With a GBS education and training course, you will develop the skills that
meet the needs of the contemporary education sector. You'll have a mix
of classroom time - working with experienced lecturers, all experts in their
field - and hands-on, practical observed teaching sessions. You'll be able
to develop your planning, delivery, engagement and assessement skills,
with feedback from professionals.


Taking the time will gain an internationally-recognised qualification will
be worth the investment - it will open doors to a wide range of exciting
career pathways in education, training and education management.


GBS Education & Training courses

GBS diploma courses in education and training are ideal for anyone new to the industry, or anyone with experience in the field looking to expand their knowledge.


Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training

Whether you are looking to start your career in education, are a new teacher/trainer, or a more experienced teacher/trainer looking for a formal qualification, this one-year teaching diploma is right for you.