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How do construction and management courses improve the world?

If you're interested in construction, there's a bright future ahead. Construction and management courses are in high demand because of the continually growing construction industry.

The revenue generated from construction around the world is expected to keep growing in the coming years. By 2030, it is projected to be more than double what it was in 2020. In 2020, the construction market was worth 6.4 trillion dollars and it's estimated to reach 14.4 trillion in 2030.

The construction industry has been around for a long time and it's constantly evolving. Throughout history, buildings have become safer, more advanced and faster to build. Construction is a popular career choice in Dubai, owing to the great opportunities for work. And with the right education, there are good chances for progression in this field.

Pursuing construction management courses in Dubai will set you up for a successful career. With this degree, you can become a professional and stay ahead in the industry.

Construction management in Brief

Construction management encompasses such topics as the estimation of costs and resources, safety, analysing projects, handling information and sustainability management. This facilitates the smooth execution of construction projects. During your construction management classes in Dubai, you'll learn about the effective and strategic planning of construction projects and the management of an efficient workforce to meet quality standards and deadlines.

1. Purpose of construction management

Construction managers supervise construction projects adhering to quality standards, on time and within the allocated budget, while ensuring safety and meeting the property owner’s expectations. To this end, specific systems are set up to make sure all construction activities go as planned.

For this to work, the construction manager works with all stakeholders involved in the project, e.g., owner, architect, engineers and contractors. They are also responsible for the following:

  1. determining what materials and labour the project requires for construction;

  2. estimating materials, equipment and workers;

  3. ensuring the costs of construction fit the budget.

In simple words, construction management handles all aspects of the construction project to guarantee its success and meet the client’s requirements.  

Construction managers’ main tasks include
1 Interpreting and explaining plans, contract terms and blueprints to other workers, office staff, companies and clients who represent the developer or owner of the building.
2 Monitoring each step of a construction project to ensure that it follows building and safety laws and other compliance codes.
3 Scheduling projects in chronological order and making sure there's enough time and resources to meet client deadlines.
4 Understanding job specifications and what the client wants, so you can determine appropriate construction methods.

2. Functions of construction management

Construction management entails numerous functions and tasks to fulfil the requirements and objectives of the construction project. Such as:

  • Cost management: tracking and controlling funds to stay within the allocated budget.

  • Schedule management: mapping out and sticking to a timeline to complete projects on time.

  • Quality management: developing, implementing and monitoring quality protocols in all levels of construction work to meet the owner's standards, objectives and purpose.

  • Safety management: establishing procedures to ensure safety on the construction site.

  • Change management: assessing, carrying out and documenting any modifications to the original construction plan.

  • Inspections: overseeing the work regularly for quality, safety and compliance purposes.

  • Documentation: maintaining a record of all the procedures, correspondences, approvals and changes during the construction process.

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Benefits of studying construction management courses

A career in construction management in Dubai might be a good fit for you if you're great at leading others, well organised and knowledgeable about how a construction project works. If you complete your construction management course in Dubai and want to work in construction, this industry could be perfect for you.

Once you finish your construction management course in Dubai, you'll have many opportunities in the construction industry, both in the UAE and in other countries.

The construction industry is growing globally. By 2026, the Bureau of Labour Statistics has predicted an 11% increase in construction jobs.

Taking construction management classes in Dubai can help you get higher-paying positions like construction manager, facilities manager, site engineer, or sustainability consultant. These roles come with more responsibilities, but if you like challenges, you might find the work more rewarding.

Career prospects after construction and management courses
1 Construction manager
2 Site manager
3 Project manager
4 Project engineer
5 Field engineer
6 Surveyor
7 Project analyst
8 Design engineer
9 Planning engineer

Endless career opportunities after taking construction management classes

Taking construction management classes in Dubai can be beneficial for your career in several ways. It can give you a stable career, help you earn more money and even allow you to take on roles that can make a positive impact on society and the environment. Here are some advantages you can gain after completing your construction and management course:

  1. Competitive salary: The average base salary for construction managers in the UAE is AED 230,000. The salary may vary based on how much experience you have.

  2. Job opportunities: The number of jobs for construction managers across the globe is expected to grow by 11% by 2026his means there will be more job openings for new graduates and chances for current managers to move up in their careers.

  3. Job security: The constant demand for new construction projects means there will be stable jobs in this sector. Employers often prefer individuals who have studied construction management courses as well as practical experience, making a construction management degree valuable.

  4. Autonomy: A career in this field can give you a lot of freedom. If you like taking the lead and doing things on your own, being a construction manager might be a good fit. If you are self-motivated, like working alone and can multitask, you might like this career.

  5. Intellectual growth: Being in this field challenges you to solve problems every day. It demands that you use your creativity and innovative thinking, which many people find rewarding both personally and professionally.

  6. Career growth: Construction management classes with a reputed education institution in Dubai, will open up new career opportunities.

  7. Travel opportunities: Working in construction management might require travelling for projects. If you enjoy exploring different parts of the country or even working in different countries, this might be a good fit for you.

  8. Honing skills: Studying construction and management courses in Dubai doesn't just give you a well-paying job and stability, it also helps you to expand your knowledge and expertise. By working on different projects, you'll gain invaluable career experiences that will help you with problem-solving in the future. This could help you make a big impact on the world.

Are construction and management courses worth it?

Yes, definitely. When you take construction management classes in Dubai, you get to learn about the latest trends and techniques in the field. By adding awareness about the environment and using the latest technologies, you can become a skilled construction manager. This means you'll be able to make sure that the buildings we create in the future will be safer, more comfortable and better for the environment.

1. Study construction and management courses in Dubai with GBS Dubai

GBS Dubai is one of the leading higher education institutions providing courses tailored to specific industries. The institution's mission of "changing lives through education" shows its dedication to providing students with a valuable and transformative education. GBS Dubai's academic courses are authorised by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), ensuring recognition by both public and private entities in Dubai.

2. Construction management course in Dubai: HND in Construction Management

GBS in Dubai offers the HND in Construction Management, which is ideal for students who aspire to reach new heights in the construction industry.

HND in Construction Management by GBS Dubai
1 Gain industry knowledge and core skills for managing complex construction projects and teams.
2 This construction and management course sets your career path in the global construction sector.
3 Develop specialised skills through real-life projects and assignments.
4 Taking construction management classes with GBS Dubai ensures that you get the opportunity to interact with lecturers with extensive industry experience to guide you through practical learning.
5 Transform into a sought-after professional in the construction industry.
6 Get practical and technical learning experiences reflecting the construction field's reality.
7 Learn from real-life examples, practical sessions, site visits and industry guest speakers.
8 Prepare for senior roles in the construction industry or further post-graduate studies.

Frequently asked questions about construction and management courses

You can work towards becoming a construction manager by enrolling in GBS Dubai's diploma course in construction management. The HND in Construction Management spans two years and offers flexible course schedules to suit you. Obtaining a diploma in construction management can unlock various career paths for you.

The requirements for studying construction management courses can differ based on the particular institution. Enrolling in a diploma course in construction or construction management can equip you with skills for entry-level roles in the construction field. For individuals seeking a more advanced or specialised construction management course, opting for an HND in Construction Management could be the stepping stone toward pursuing further education.

Upon completing a construction and project management course, numerous career paths become available, such as project management, project engineering and project estimation. Graduates may also explore other specialised areas, including building surveying, contract management, or health and safety management.

With construction management classes, you will gain knowledge about the legal, financial and business aspects of construction. This encompasses surveys, estimating costs, understanding construction law, utilising software programmes, studying materials, managing the supply chain and delving into various other related topics.

Choosing a construction management course relies on several factors such as career aspirations, educational background or work experience and interests in particular subjects. Options like an HND in Construction Management by GBS Dubai will serve as an excellent foundation for learning essential industry basics. It will equip you with everything you need to kickstart a career in construction or pursue higher education.

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