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GBS Dubai and GlobalU Partner to Offer Cutting-Edge Online Business Courses 

9 August 2023

GBS Dubai, a leading educational institution which, is thrilled to announce its inaugural series of Pearson online business courses in collaboration with GlobalU, a forward-thinking e-learning company. This exciting partnership empowers learners worldwide to access top-class business courses, bringing a transformative educational experience right to their fingertips.

As the world embraces the digital era, GBS Dubai recognises the growing demand for flexible and job-relevant online learning solutions. GlobalU's expertise in curating engaging educational experiences, learners can now immerse themselves in an interactive platform that transcends geographical boundaries. No matter where they are, students can comfortably study from the convenience of their own homes.

"At GBS Dubai, we have always been dedicated to providing exceptional education and empowering our students for future success. Partnering with GlobalU allows us to take a significant leap forward in delivering cutting-edge courses with global recognition," said Dr Elango Rengasamy Ph.D., Professor of Finance & Associate Dean at GBS Dubai.

GlobalU’s innovative e-learning approach focuses on meeting the diverse needs of learners, fostering active participation through a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Learners can expect a seamless and intuitive dashboard that guides them on their educational journey, ensuring they are always on track to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, GBS Dubai takes pride in offering top-class Pearson business courses with globally recognised qualifications. This inaugural series features the esteemed:  

  • International Extended Diploma in Business (Level 3) Online
  • HND International in Business Online

The courses focus on job relevancy, students will graduate equipped with the technical and social skills necessary to excel in their future endeavours.

"We are excited to join forces with GBS Dubai, a reputable institution committed to excellence in education. This partnership exemplifies our shared vision of making education accessible and empowering learners to shape their careers," said Alexia Lawrie, Director at GlobalU.

The collaboration between GBS Dubai and GlobalU opens a new pathway for learners seeking a high-quality education with career development at the forefront. Together, they are breaking down barriers and revolutionising the way education is delivered on a global scale.

For more information on GBS Dubai's online business courses, powered by GlobalU, and to explore the exciting opportunities that await, please visit Gbs.ac.ae

 About GBS Dubai:

GBS Dubai is a higher education provider that specialises in sector-relevant courses that lead to globally renowned qualifications. The combination of top educational partners, work & study options, personal development, and expert professional guidance are just some of the ways that GBS Dubai adds value to every learning experience each day.

About GlobalU:

GlobalU is a forward-thinking digital platform which, offers complete e-learning solutions that — adds value through simplifying the process of transitioning courses to meet the expectations of a global audience. They understand how to overcome issues with making this transition, with a commitment to creating an online learning space that meets today’s requirements — with the scalability to grow and develop further into future.