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Why choose on-campus international student accommodation in Dubai?

Dubai is the premier destination for international students so the importance of choosing the right international student accommodation is paramount. Dubai is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates. It has become the top destination for international students seeking a world-class education.

This blog will explore why more students choose Dubai for their studies and how on-campus international student accommodation plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and successful academic journey.

Dubai's unique blend of modernity and tradition makes it an attractive destination for students worldwide. The city offers a range of globally recognised universities and colleges, providing diverse academic programmes. The multicultural environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure and strategic location make Dubai the ideal choice for those seeking a competitive edge in their education.

Overview of Student Life in Dubai

The appeal of studying in Dubai goes beyond its breathtaking skyline. The city's commitment to innovation and investment in education has led to a rise in reputable institutions offering high-quality education. Also, Dubai is strategically located as a global business hub, providing students with unparalleled internships, networking and career advancement opportunities.

Importance of the right international student accommodation:

Securing suitable international student accommodation is pivotal to a student's experience in Dubai. The right international student accommodation ensures an environment which is conducive to learning as well as recreational and personal growth. Navigating the extensive range of international student accommodation options can be challenging, making it crucial for students to make informed decisions which suit their needs.

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Advantages of staying in on-campus international student accommodation

Advantages of staying in on-campus international student accommodation

Choosing on-campus international student accommodation offers a range of benefits for international students in Dubai. Beyond the immediate convenience of living close to the college, there are many reasons to opt for on-campus accommodation:

  1. Safety and security: On-campus housing often has robust security measures, including surveillance systems, access control and dedicated security personnel. This creates a secure living environment, giving students peace of mind.

  2. Academic support services: Living on campus means being near academic support services. This includes tutoring centres, writing labs and career counselling offices. Easy access to these services is invaluable for students seeking assistance with coursework or planning their future careers.

  3. Extracurricular opportunities: Many on-campus international student accommodation options are close to sports facilities, cultural centres and student organisations. This enables students to engage actively in extracurricular activities, fostering personal development, leadership skills and a sense of belonging.

  4. Integrated technology: On-campus international student accommodation provides students with access to high-speed internet, technology-equipped study spaces and collaborative learning environments. These amenities enhance the overall learning experience for students.

  5. Diverse community: Living on campus introduces students to a diverse community of peers from various backgrounds and cultures. This environment enriches their social experience and prepares them for entering a global workforce.

  6. Convenience of amenities: On-campus housing typically includes convenient access to dining halls, fitness centres, laundry facilities and recreational areas. This eliminates the need for students to spend additional time and effort commuting to meet their daily needs.

  7. Networking opportunities: Proximity to other students, faculty and university events creates ample networking opportunities. Building connections within the university community can lead to internships, mentorships and valuable insights into various industries.

  8. Structured living environment: On-campus international student accommodation provides a structured living environment. This helps students adapt to a new culture and lifestyle. The structured approach helps with time management, self-discipline and essential life skills.

  9. Crisis support: In emergencies, on-campus international student accommodation staff and resources can react swiftly. Whether it's medical emergencies, housing issues, or other crises, the support system within the university is handy and quickly available.

  10. Cultural and social events: Universities frequently organise cultural and social events on campus. Living on-site allows students to participate in these events easily. This fosters a sense of community and creates lasting memories.

Choosing on-campus international student accommodation is about more than just housing. It is about immersing yourself in a holistic educational experience beyond the classroom. The advantages extend beyond mere convenience, contributing to a well-rounded and enriching student life.

On-campus vs. off-campus: Facilities and amenities offered at international student accommodation

When deciding on international student accommodation in Dubai, it is important to understand the differences in facilities and amenities between on-campus and off-campus options. On-campus international student accommodation is designed to provide a comprehensive living experience beyond just a place to stay. Here's a detailed table with the comparison. Read and choose your best- options:

Facilities and amenities  On-campus accommodation  Off-campus accommodation
Security  24/7 security, controlled access  Varies, may be less comprehensive
Study spaces  Dedicated study areas with modern amenities Dependent on individual housing choices
Recreational facilities  Gyms, sports facilities, green spaces  Varies, may depend on the locality
Dining options  On-site dining facilities or meal plans  Self-management of meals, grocery shopping
Community spaces  Common areas and lounges for socialising  Dependent on the chosen living arrangements
Health services  On-campus health clinics or partnerships  May require access to external medical facilities
Maintenance services  Prompt on-campus maintenance services  Responsibility for managing maintenance issues
Independence  Limited independence, more structured living  Greater independence and flexibility
Cost considerations  Comprehensive fees, potential convenience  Rent may seem lower, but additional costs may arise
Local community experience  Connected to the university community  Immersed in the local community
Dining challenges  Convenient on-campus dining options  Managing own meals and cooking off-campus
Social opportunities  Built-in opportunities for socialising  Potential isolation, depending on location

While off-campus living offers flexibility and independence, on-campus accommodation provides a holistic and secure living experience with many facilities and amenities. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences, priorities and the desired student experience, overall.

How do you apply for on-campus international student accommodation at GBS Dubai?

Apply for on-campus international student accommodation

The GBS Dubai international student accommodation building is just a 20-minute ride from Dubai Knowledge Village. We have a total of 400 beds and our main goal is to offer students a welcoming and secure place where they can feel at home while pursuing their education in Dubai.

Our on-site facilities include 24/7 reception and security, ensuring our students are always cared for. Additionally, we have a gym right on the premises.

Students can choose between single and twin studios or twin bedrooms in shared apartments. In shared apartments, up to four students share facilities like the kitchen and bathroom, creating a friendly and international student community. It's the perfect setup for a comfortable and communal living experience.

Before you come to a decision, carefully assess the application process for on-campus international student accommodation in Dubai. You can visit the accommodation section on the GBS Dubai website or contact the team directly for detailed instructions and application forms.

GBS Dubai stands out for its educational excellence and diverse opportunities. We are the ideal study destination for various courses in business and management, construction and management, digital technology, education and raining and banking and finance courses.

Choosing on-campus housing is a strategic decision that enhances your overall educational experience. We readily provide a supportive community and convenient access to academic resources and various facilities. We ensure you can focus on your studies and maximise your time in this dynamic city.

If you are considering Dubai for higher education, on-campus housing is not just a choice; it's the pathway to success and personal growth. Apply now and embark on a transformative academic adventure with GBS Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions about international student accommodation

To apply for on-campus housing, visit GBS Dubai's accommodation office's website or contact them directly for detailed instructions and application forms.

Off-campus options may offer a wider range of cost options, but on average, on-campus housing provides all round, cost-effective solutions, considering amenities and convenience.

On-campus housing ensures student safety with 24/7 security, CCTV surveillance and secure entry systems for peace of mind.

Yes, on-campus housing often allows residents to stay during semester breaks, providing seamless accommodation and convenience.

Through campus events, social media groups and organised activities, which foster a supportive and inclusive community.

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