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When to apply for HND healthcare practices in Dubai?

Do you want to apply for HND healthcare practices courses in Dubai? Here is a quick guide for you. Read our blog now!

Dubai has seen remarkable advancements in its healthcare sector lately. The Emirate has made substantial investments in improving its healthcare facilities and services, with a strong focus on delivering top-notch care to its residents and attracting medical tourists.

As per a report, Dubai's healthcare sector is expected to grow by a compound annual growth of 6.7% from 2020 to 2025.

As Dubai gains recognition for its excellence in global healthcare, the Higher National Diploma (HND) healthcare emerges as a key pathway to a successful career in the field.

In this blog, we will take a look at when to apply for HND healthcare and explore its benefits for aspiring professionals like you.

What is HND healthcare?

What is HND healthcare?

Healthcare courses are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills for employment in the healthcare sector. These courses span from basic entry-level programmes covering fundamental concepts to more advanced levels adapted for specialised roles within the field.

In Dubai, a wide range of healthcare courses cater to students like you interested in pursuing careers in this industry. Offered by higher education institutions, vocational schools and other providers, these courses cover diverse topics including nursing, medicine, dentistry, public health and more.

Bachelor's and master's degrees in healthcare are popular choices and HNDs are increasingly gaining traction among students. Additionally, vocational and certification courses are available for those seeking specialisation in specific healthcare areas. These courses typically emphasise practical learning and professional development.

Want to join HND healthcare?

Why apply for HND healthcare?

HND healthcare lays the groundwork for a career in the healthcare sector, fostering the development of both practical skills and theoretical knowledge. It also serves as a stepping stone for further education at the degree level.

  • HND healthcare courses empower you with the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver top-notch patient care. They cover a wide range of topics, from anatomy and physiology to disease management and treatment. Additionally, they offer training in communication, patient education and teamwork — essential elements for delivering quality care.

  • Given the continuous evolution of medical technology, you must stay updated to provide optimal patient care. HND healthcare courses provide training in the utilisation of various medical equipment, including diagnostic tools, surgical instruments, monitoring devices, electronic medical records and other digital tools.

  • HND healthcare courses aim to produce graduates capable of improving patient outcomes through effective diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. They also address crucial aspects like patient safety, infection control and medication management, all of which contribute to positive patient outcomes.

  • With the ageing population and the rise of chronic diseases, the demand for qualified healthcare professionals is ever-increasing. HND healthcare courses offer you the necessary training and education to enter the healthcare sector and fulfil this growing demand.

  • Healthcare courses serve as a pathway for career advancement within the healthcare industry. By obtaining additional certifications or degrees, professionals can specialise further and take on more advanced roles, such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or healthcare administrators.

Apply for HND healthcare practices with GBS Dubai

Apply for HND healthcare practices

GBS Dubai is a well-known higher education institution, known for its specialist courses in fields such as accounting, banking and healthcare management, to name a few.

GBS Dubai offers an HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management) course, designed to transform students like you into adaptable professionals capable of meeting the demands of the quickly growing healthcare sector. The goal is to also enhance students’ academic skills, opening doors for further advancement in higher education opportunities.

Know the process to apply for HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management).  

How to apply for HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management)?

This course is designed to develop individuals into professionals who can meet the evolving demands of the healthcare sector and thrive in a dynamic environment. The modules of this course aim to widen access to higher education and improve career prospects for students like you. If you want to succeed in the healthcare industry, apply for HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management).

This course equips you with the skills, experiences and insights necessary for success in various healthcare roles, including:

  • Healthcare support and assistant positions across diverse settings, such as nursing assistant/auxiliary roles, care navigation, planning and assessment roles, as well as roles in public health, health promotion and non-clinical healthcare supervisory or lower management.

  • It provides an understanding of the wide range of roles within the healthcare sector, emphasising the importance of collaboration at all levels. Additionally, you will gain insight into culturally diverse organisations, cross-cultural issues, diversity and values.

  • The course offers opportunities for you to enter or progress in healthcare employment, or to advance to higher education qualifications such as an honours degree in nursing, public health, healthcare administration, or a related field.

Process to apply for HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management)

  1. Applying for the HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management) course is a straightforward process.

  2. Simply click here to visit the course page, where you can explore the modules and learn more about the course.

  3. When you are ready to apply, scroll down and click on the "Apply Now" button.

  4. Fill out the form provided, ensuring that the necessary documents are ready for submission.

  5. Once you have successfully submitted the form, the support team will reach out to you for any additional information needed, ensuring a smooth and efficient application process.

Career opportunities after completing HND in Healthcare Practices

Considering a career in healthcare? Upon completion of the HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management) course, you may want to explore roles such as:

1. Operations manager:

An operations manager oversees daily administrative and operational functions within a facility or department. They manage workflow, allocate resources and develop budgets to ensure efficient operations and high-quality patient care.

Additionally, they monitor regulatory compliance, supervise staff and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to coordinate care delivery and resolve operational issues.

Operations managers play a critical role in maintaining the smooth functioning of healthcare facilities while maintaining standards of excellence and regulatory requirements.

2. Customer service manager:

A customer service manager oversees patient interactions to ensure a positive experience. They train staff on customer service standards, address inquiries and complaints promptly and seek opportunities to enhance service delivery processes.

Moreover, they monitor service quality, mediate conflicts and analyse data to make improvements. By promoting patient satisfaction and fostering a patient-centred culture, customer service managers play a crucial role in enhancing the overall patient experience within healthcare facilities.

3. Medical administrator:

A medical administrator oversees the administrative operations of a healthcare facility, managing finances, human resources and facility maintenance. They implement policies to ensure compliance with regulations and standards, while also developing strategic plans to enhance operational efficiency and patient care.

Medical administrators monitor service quality and make improvements as necessary, playing a vital role in maintaining smooth operations and delivering high-quality healthcare services.

4. Medical records administrator:

A medical records administrator manages patient health records in healthcare settings, ensuring accuracy, confidentiality and compliance with regulations. They oversee record creation, organisation and retrieval using electronic health record systems and assign diagnostic and procedural codes.

Medical records administrators participate in quality improvement efforts, audit records for accuracy and provide training on record-keeping practices. They play a vital role in facilitating communication between healthcare providers and supporting clinical decision-making while upholding data security and privacy standards.

  • Non-clinical managerial, coordinator and supervisory positions in healthcare administration, operations and support services, including roles in information, office, patient services, estates and health improvement services.

When to apply for HND in Healthcare Practices at GBS Dubai?

When to apply for HND in Healthcare Practices?

You can apply for the HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management) course at GBS Dubai during any of the intake periods available, which are in January, March, June and September.

This course, designed by Pearson, provides valuable skills and industry knowledge essential for excelling in the global health and social care sector. At GBS Dubai, you will benefit from a formative learning environment that simulates real workplace scenarios, enabling you to develop practical skills and insights that enhance your resume and attract employers worldwide.

Additionally, pursuing your HND healthcare practice course in Dubai opens numerous opportunities for employment, both domestically and across the UAE.

Frequently asked questions about applying for HND healthcare in Dubai

You should apply for HND healthcare practices courses because they offer valuable skills, industry knowledge and understanding essential for success in the global health and social care environment. These courses provide practical insights and experiences that mimic real workplace scenarios, allowing you to develop skills that are highly sought after by employers worldwide.

By enrolling in HND healthcare practices courses in Dubai, you not only enhance your resume and appeal to employers but also open a world of opportunities for employment globally.

You can apply for the HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management) course offered by GBS Dubai during any of the intake periods available, which typically occur in January, March, June and September.

These regular intake periods provide multiple opportunities throughout the year for you to enrol and begin your journey towards acquiring valuable skills and knowledge in healthcare practices.

To apply for the HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management) at GBS Dubai, visit the course page and explore the course modules. Click on the "Apply Now" button, fill out the application form with accurate details and ensure you have the necessary documents ready for submission. Once submitted, the support team will contact you for further processing.

You can apply for the HND healthcare practices course at GBS Dubai. The institution offers an HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management) which is designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge in healthcare practices.

The eligibility criteria to apply for HND in Healthcare Practices (Healthcare Management) at GBS Dubai include academic and English language requirements. Academic entry requirements vary by country, so interested applicants are advised to contact us for specific details.

Additionally, you must demonstrate proficiency in English at the required standard. GBS Dubai accepts various English language qualifications and tests for entry into the courses. For more information, contact the student support team.

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