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Open Day at GBS Dubai: Welcoming students to warmth and learning

GBS Dubai has been welcoming bright minds and eager hearts since 2021! We have witnessed numerous incredible success journeys. When you step into our university for the Open Day 2023-24, you won’t just be enrolling onto a course. You will have joined a community that thrives on dreams and possibilities. We're thrilled to have you with us, ready to embark on the adventure of knowledge and discovery. Welcome to the place where your future begins.

Understanding the Open Day at GBS Dubai

The Open Day at GBS Dubai is a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in campus life. Students can check out the campus and meet some of our outstanding teachers. When you arrive, you'll get a welcome kit with a campus map to help you get around. There are signs around the campus that show you where to go and friendly student ambassadors will help if you have any questions. The ambassadors, who are outstanding students, can even give you a tour of the campus and share cool info about different spots.

Quick glance into an Open Day

Before you start your day on campus, you must know what an "Open Day" at GBS Dubai consists of. This will prepare you for what’s to come. Let's begin with what our students at previous events have experienced:

  • Diverse perspectives:

    Our Open Days at GBS Dubai are a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. Students from across the globe come together to create a vibrant and diverse community that mirrors the dynamic nature of our courses.

  • Faculty interaction highlights:

    One of the unique features of our Open Day events is the direct interaction with our faculty. You get to engage with course leaders, ask questions and gain valuable insights into the academic rigour and expertise that they are known for.

  • Workshops that inspire:

    Our Open Days are not just about information; they're an inspirational event. Workshops conducted during the event provide hands-on experiences, allowing you to delve into the practical aspects of your chosen fields and ignite your passion for learning.

  • Beyond the classroom-company visits:

    We believe in learning beyond the classroom and our Open Days reflect this philosophy. You can visit companies, gaining a real-world understanding of how your academic pursuits translate into professional success.

  • Peer-to-peer connections:

    Meeting current students is an invaluable aspect of our Open Days. You connect with the previous batches as you are new to the place. This helps you gain first -hand insights into student life, challenges and the immense benefits of being part of the GBS Dubai community.

  • Understanding the GBS quality:

    Our Open Days highlight the unique advantages of enrolling in courses at GBS Dubai. From world-class faculty to cutting-edge facilities, students explore what sets our institution apart.

  • A glimpse into the future:

    Attending our Open Days is not just about the present; it's about preparing for your future. Through engaging presentations and discussions, students get a glimpse of the transformative journey that awaits them at GBS Dubai.

Explore Open Day at GBS Dubai

Quick tips to maximise your Open Day experience

  • Prepare questions in advance: List queries about facilities, study spaces and student support. Note down specific course content questions for lecturers or student ambassadors.

  • Bring a companion: Consider taking family members to ease concerns about moving away. This provides an opportunity for your family to explore and ask questions, too.

  • Engage with current students: Connect with student ambassadors or current students for authentic insights. Seek advice on workload, classes and the overall student experience.

  • Explore the local area: Evaluate the town or city where the university is located. Check for amenities, shopping options and nightlife to ensure it aligns with your preferences.

As you take your first step towards your "life changing moment”, we wait eagerly to see you on our upcoming “Open Day”. You can look forward to engaging with globally renowned faculty members. You get to dive into preferred academic programme, while focusing on your academic goals. This is your exclusive chance to take a tour of our vibrant campus to experience the unique qualities that distinguish us from other campuses in UAE.

Leveraging most of the day

Connect with the internationally qualified faculties.

As we eagerly anticipate the Open Day at GBS Dubai, we envision a day filled with exploration, inspiration and connections. Embrace he diversity of the students, engage with our exceptional faculty and immerse yourself in hands-on workshops. Get ready to venture into the professional world through company visits.

We look forward to seeing you join us enthusiastically and feel sure the Open Day at GBS Dubai will be the beginning of your transformative journey into higher education and beyond!

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