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Open Day 2023: Time to Dive in Transformative Experience

Are you wondering whether GBS Dubai is a place for you or even if you are certain about your decision? Let’s first assure you that you are studying at the best campuses in Dubai. Welcome to Open Day 2023 at GBS Dubai, your way to find out about campus life with friends on a campus tour with faculty workshops.

Open Day 2023 at GBS Dubai is the perfect way to experience what joining us will be like, with student ambassadors guiding you around the campus.

The event looks forward to being packed with faculty, current students and prospective students just like you.

You are welcome to bring along your parents or friends so that they can look around and see for themselves how fantastic GBS Dubai is!

The Open Day 2023 provides a great atmosphere for you to explore the campus and connect to talented academics for the first time. Upon arrival, students will be given information on where different sessions and gatherings are held throughout the day. The welcome kit also comprises a campus map and additional information on the day. Usually, there will be signs across the campus to lead you in the right direction and many student ambassadors to help you with any queries.

The student ambassadors also offer campus tours where they will take you on a guided tour, giving you information at different locations around the campus. At GBS Dubai, exceptional achievers are allowed to be student ambassadors.

What should students expect?

  • Newcomers will also be shown facilities at the different departments you’ll study at. This gives you a better understanding of where you’ll be based and the professional campus where you’ll be looking.

  • You will be addressed on various topics, including types of accommodation available and what to expect on your stay.

  • Students get to know the facilities available at the university and the financial guidance available for studies.

  • Students meet with an academic from the school of interest and get briefed on various aspects of the course they’ve enrolled in.

  • Students also get information on available units, traveling opportunities, annual calendars and success stories from alumni.

Transform Career with GBS Dubai

Important Note:

Enhance your experience by participating in our faculty workshops:

  • Emerging Digital Technologies

  • Emerging Trends in International Business

  • Data-Driven Health Adventures


  • 1:45 pm - Registration

  • 2:00 pm - Tour with Campus Buddy

  • 3:00 pm - Academic Workshops

  • 4:00 pm - Meet the Admissions Team

  • 4:30 pm - Evening Refreshments

Leveraging most of the day

You should also prepare (mentally) for an informal appointment with batchmates and faculty in smaller groups. GBS Dubai believes in giving a personal touch to the introductory journey of each student at the campus. The Open Day 2023 is an opportunity to connects you to the space where you are set to build your future. For a better idea of what to expect, click here for more details!

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