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Navigating affordable student housing in Dubai with GBS

Dubai is a top-notch spot for students seeking quality education. With its lively atmosphere and booming economy, it's no wonder students worldwide choose this vibrant city. GBS Dubai, a leading education provider, knows that helping students find affordable housing is key to a successful academic journey.

In Dubai, you've got many different places to stay, suiting different budgets and preferences. From fancy apartments to more budget-friendly choices, students have many options to choose from. Understandably, finding affordable living arrangements is a big part of ensuring students have a positive experience. Let's look at the accommodation options available in Dubai.

Finding affordable accommodation options in Dubai

1. Setting a budget

Let's start with the basics. Before you go house hunting, figure out how much you can spend. Consider rent, bills, getting around and day-to-day living costs. A clear budget helps you focus on places that won't break the bank.

2. Understanding the market

Dubai's property scene is always changing and knowing what's what can help you find a good deal. Keep an eye on how prices go up and down and when they are lower. Researching the market enables you to make wise choices about where to live.

3. Affordable neighbourhoods

Some areas in Dubai are more budget-friendly. Places far from the city centre or touristy spots often have lower rents. Doing some research can uncover neighborhoods that match your budget and lifestyle needs.

4. Shared accommodation options

Sharing a place with others is a popular choice and a money-saver. Renting a flat with fellow students or going for student housing in Dubai can be cheaper and comes with added perks. Looking into shared options is smart – it builds a supportive living vibe that's good for your studies.

5. Checking the local property market

Looking into local property websites is a handy move. They show you what places are up for rent so you can compare prices, check out amenities and see where they are. Using these sites will give you valuable information about affordable student housing in Dubai.

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Finding student housing in Dubai through social media

It is important to note that affordable housing is crucial for student success. You can join social media channels and contact local housing services to guide you in Dubai. Social media is important in helping students find housing in Dubai by providing a dynamic platform for information exchange and networking. Students can join dedicated housing groups and forums on platforms like Facebook or Reddit, where they share experiences, tips and available accommodation. Real-time updates on rental listings, roommate searches and housing-related events create a vibrant community. Platforms like Instagram and Twitter also showcase available housing, offering a better understanding of the living spaces. Social media facilitates direct communication with landlords, making the housing search more interactive and efficient. Social connections also enable students to seek advice and recommendations, creating a supportive environment for those navigating the Dubai housing landscape.

How can GBS Dubai help with student housing in Dubai?

At GBS Dubai, we're here to help you every step of the way. We know the importance of finding affordable housing for a smooth student journey. We're with you on this journey, making your student experience exceptional both in and out of class.

Our student accommodation facility is conveniently situated; just a 20-minute bus ride from Dubai Knowledge Village. With a total capacity of 400 beds, our primary goal is to offer students a secure and comfortable home-away-from-home environment as they pursue their education in Dubai.

Residents can enjoy exceptional on-site amenities, including round-the-clock reception, security services and access to a well-equipped gym. Single and twin studios or twin bedrooms within shared apartments, are available, for a maximum of four students sharing facilities like the kitchen and bathroom.

Other details:

  • Minimum age requirement: 18+
  • A daily shuttle bus service connects the accommodation to the campus, taking only 20 minutes.
  • A mere 5-minute bus ride to the metro station.
  • Al Khail Community Centre, offering budget restaurants, coffee shops and grocery stores, is a convenient 5-minute walk away.
  • A medical centre and pharmacy are also within a 5-minute walking distance.
  • Housing is segregated by gender.

On-site facilities include:

  • 24/7 reception and security
  • Parking spaces
  • Storage space
  • High-speed internet throughout the entire building
  • Common kitchen
  • Gym

Types of accommodation:

Months Single studio Twin studio Premium Studio Premium private Room (2BHK)
01-Mar 5300 AED 2750 AED 5500 AED 3750 AED
04-Sep 4750 AED 2450 AED 4950 AED 3350 AED
10-Dec 4450 AED 2350 AED 4650 AED 3200 AED
Daily rate for students 200 AED 170 AED 225 AED 180 AED

*Includes all bills

Affordable student housing in Dubai is vital for a successful student life. By sorting out your budget, understanding the property market, checking out affordable neighbourhoods, considering shared places and using property websites, you can find a great place to live. GBS Dubai is committed to making your student experience awesome and growth-oriented inside and outside the classroom.

Frequently asked questions about student housing in Dubai

Consider rent, bills, transportation and daily living costs. Establishing a clear budget helps you focus on affordable housing options.

Yes, sharing a place with fellow students or opting for student housing can be cost-effective and comes with added perks. It also creates a supportive living environment conducive to studying.

GBS Dubai provides on-site amenities, including round-the-clock reception, security services, a well-equipped gym and various types of accommodation like single and twin studios.

Yes, the minimum age requirement for GBS Dubai's student accommodation is 18 years.

GBS Dubai provides a daily shuttle bus service, taking only 20 minutes to connect the accommodation to the campus. There's also easy access to a metro station and nearby amenities.

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