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Navigate your career in healthcare with GBS Dubai’s webinar

Do you know the Emirates has projected a massive growth of 45 per cent in healthcare in the past five years? GBS Dubai, a leading education provider in Dubai, is one of the main contributors to this impressive growth. We aim to provide the opportunities and qualifications for a rewarding career in the healthcare sector. GBS Dubai is excited to announce a webinar made especially for students wishing to make a difference in healthcare management. Let’s learn more about why you should aim for a career in healthcare in Dubai.

Dubai has become one of the world’s leading healthcare destinations in the past decade. There are multiple factors that make it an attractive destination for patients and healthcare providers. According to data from the Dubai health authority (DHA), the country witnessed a 61 per cent increase in licensed medical professionals in 2022. With these convincing numbers, many students are keen to take up a career in the healthcare sector in Dubai. If you are one of them, read on to find out why your decision to make a career in the healthcare industry is a good one.

Why make a career in healthcare in Dubai?

  • Strong healthcare infrastructure: Dubai is home to, arguably, the best healthcare infrastructure in the world. Backed with the latest technology and highly qualified professionals, Dubai offers superb healthcare services.
  • Diverse demographics: Clients from many different countries of origin choose Dubai’s healthcare facilities for a wide range of medical conditions and cases as the medical staff are highly trained in managing a diverse demography of patients.
  • Financial benefits: Dubai offers the most attractive packages to healthcare professionals. They also enjoy a tax-free income, competitive salaries, housing allowances and best environment in which to grow and explore.
  • Career advancement: The figures mentioned above back the rapid growth of the sector. The trajectory means diverse growth opportunities arise in different roles.
  • Higher standard of living: Dubai is known for safety, a low crime rate and a high standard of living. As a healthcare professional, you can thrive personally and professionally in a secure and vibrant environment.

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Growing and transforming with GBS Dubai

GBS Dubai offers a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Healthcare Management. The course encourages you to develop a professional mindset to meet the growing demands of the sector. The aim is to enhance your overall academic skills to make a career or progress ahead into education. Whether you've an interest in patient care or healthcare administration, the practical approach of the course will be good preparation for the industry. Our HND in Healthcare Practice designed by Pearson will equip you with valuable skills, industry knowledge and the understanding required to become a high performing asset for the global health environment.

Here’s what you can gain with a HND in Healthcare Practice at GBS Dubai:

  • Learn and grow in a structured educational environment.
  • Develop practical hands-on skills.
  • Add value to your resumé with a HND in Healthcare Practice.
  • Become an asset for global employers in healthcare.
  • Gain experiences and insights to succeed in a wide range of healthcare careers.
  • Understand the diversity of roles within the healthcare sector.
  • Recognise the importance of collaboration at all levels.
  • Become equipped with knowledge and understanding of culturally diverse organisations, cultures and values.

Pursuing the HND in Healthcare Practice course in Dubai opens up an exciting world of opportunities for you. Be it studying further or seeking employment across the UAE, the course boosts your eligibility in every possible way. Here's a list of roles you can fit into after you’ve completed the course:

  • Operations manager
  • Customer service manager
  • Medical records administrator
  • Medical administrator
  • Non-clinical manager
  • Co-ordinator and other supervisory roles in healthcare administration
  • Operation and support services manager
  • Health improvement services manager

Learning with webinars at GBS Dubai

Want to learn more about the course and get some industry insights? Join the webinar (Topic - Make a Career in Healthcare Sector: Choose HND in Healthcare Management) hosted by GBS Dubai on 11 May 2024. The event will be addressed by Dr Iman Alfatih Badawi Babiker and other experienced and knowledgeable industry guest speakers. Dr. Iman is a dedicated lecturer with wide experience in Health Sciences and Healthcare Management education in the UAE universities. She specialises in curriculum development, assessment implementation and programme accreditation in Health Sciences/Medical Imaging, Healthcare Management and Medical Education. The speakers will discuss and explain the opportunities and possibilities for students in the healthcare landscape in Dubai. The goal of the event is to give students a deeper understanding of the sector and the opportunities they can take after the course. The session includes an introduction to the course, discussion of career choices in the sector and the admission requirements for students willing to enrol with GBS Dubai. The webinar ends with a dedicated question and answer session so that the students can interact with the speakers and resolve any of their queries. Click here to sign up and secure a seat for the webinar and take the first step towards a great career in Dubai.

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