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Everything you need to know about intakes in Dubai

When you think of Dubai, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the towering Burj Khalifa or the camel rides in the desert? Well, Dubai is more than its glamorous image.

It's a mix of tradition and culture with a futuristic vision and a growing economy. The city is making a name for itself as a perfect destination for international students. With multiple international educational institutions, it has become a hotspot for those seeking higher education.

Dubai is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city, home to international businesses and impressive infrastructure. International students are welcomed with open arms and prepared for real life. This blog is your go-to guide for admission intakes in Dubai. We cover the structure of the academic year of Dubai, timings of intakes and eligibility criteria. Let's read and understand Dubai as an educational destination.

Intakes in Dubai: All about the academic calendar

Did you know higher diploma courses are creating a buzz among international students in Dubai? These courses are a great way of learning top-notch skills in a specific field. Also known as Higher National Diplomas (HNDs), they are as well regarded as degrees for certain courses. Dubai has a specific academic calendar and to get the best from your chosen course, it is important to find out which starting date is best for you.

January March June September

Annual academic calendar:

Dubai typically follows a two-semester system in its academic calendar.

  • First semester (Autumn):

    Starting around September, the first semester runs through until December. This part of the academic year is where the term officially begins and you start to attend your first lectures and establish an effective study routine.

  • Winter break:

    After studying hard all these months, you get a well-deserved winter break. This usually spans December and January. For some education providers, January also marks the beginning of a new batch of intakes in Dubai.

  • Second semester (Spring):

    After the festive break, it's back to business from January to May for the second semester. This includes taking on projects and sitting some exams.

  • Summer break:

    With the second semester winding up, you're free as a bird for the summer break, usually from June to August.

  • Additional opportunities:

    Dubai often offers short-term courses and workshops during the summer, allowing you to polish your skills further or explore new interests.

  • Graduation and degree c completion:

    For those completing their courses, graduation ceremonies are typically held around May or June, marking the end of the academic journey.

The academic calendar for intakes in Dubai is well structured. It provides you with a balance between work and study allowing you time to enjoy city life and hone your professional skills (including with part-time work opportunities).

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Opting for student intakes with GBS Dubai

GBS Dubai is a higher education provider. We aim to shape your future success and ensure our students thrive in the competitive job market. How? Well, we’ve some impressive connections with education providers like Pearson. Our tailored academic and career guidance will provide you with the tools for your career. What sets us apart is our internationally recognised qualifications which will open global doors for you. GBS Dubai is authorised by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and all our academic qualifications are recognised across Dubai.

Courses offered at GBS Dubai:

Timings of intakes with GBS Dubai

GBS Dubai offers four different intakes in Dubai for international students willing to enrol in the above-outlined courses. Each intake comes with a set of exciting opportunities.

  1. January [intake]

    Ring in the New Year with a fresh start in Dubai. GBS Dubai opens its doors for new students in January, giving you a fantastic beginning to your academic adventure. This is perfect for those who want a unique start to their educational journey in the cool January breezes.
  1. March [intake]

    If January feels a little early, don't worry –March is another great option. It's like a second chance at a new beginning, just a bit warmer. GBS Dubai has a new [batch], allowing you to ease into the year and catch up on Dubai's amazing cultural experiences.
  1. June [intake]

    Summer in Dubai is sizzling, and so are the opportunities. June is a fantastic time to dive into your studies with a fresh mindset. Many of GBS Dubai’s courses kick off in June, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer a summer start.
  1. September [intake]

    Feel the classic back-to-school vibe with the September intake. This is when many courses start, aligning with the start of the traditional academic year. It's perfect if you would like to join the education wave with students worldwide.

All these intakes allow you to choose when you want to begin your academic adventure. Pick the month that aligns with your goals and prepare for an incredible educational experience in the heart of this dynamic city. Academic entry requirements vary for international students. For academic requirements by country, contact the GBS Dubai team. To study at GBS Dubai, you must demonstrate a standard level of English. Contact our team to find out the list of English language qualifications/tests needed.

Frequently asked questions about intakes in Dubai

Yes, GBS Dubai offers flexibility. You can select the intake that aligns with your schedule and preferences.

Absolutely! Extracurricular activities and clubs are open to all students, regardless of the intake.

Yes, all intakes in Dubai have an application deadline. Check our website or contact our team for specific information.

Contact our team for guidance on the process, and they'll address all related queries.

Stay informed by regularly checking our website for timely updates.

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