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Career in international business after completing your HND in Dubai

Do you want to work with people from different countries and cultures? If yes, consider a career in international business.

At GBS Dubai, we offer a fantastic opportunity to learn marketing, finance, or management skills through our HND International in Business course. Understand and deal with the challenges of global markets and improve your career prospects in the field of international business.

Are you thinking about pursuing a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Dubai, but you're not sure what kind of career it can lead to? If yes, then you've come to the right place! Today, we're going to explore the different global career pathways that are available to you after completing an HND in Dubai. But before we start exploring the various career options, it's important to understand what an HND is and how it can prepare you for a career in international business. Let's get started!

What is a Higher National Diploma (HND)?

A Higher National Diploma (HND) is a practical two-year course that teaches you the skills and knowledge that employers around the world demand. It is equal to the second year of a bachelor's degree. If you want to work in international business, consider an HND International in Business in Dubai. It's a practical and industry-focused course that's perfect for people who want to build a career in this field. You'll learn about business, finance, management, entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing and more. These skills are essential for working in a global business environment and will help you build a successful career in international business.

Key skills taught in HND International in Business

To have a successful career in international business, you need specific knowledge and skills that are relevant across businesses and organisations globally. At GBS Dubai, we offer an HND International in Business course designed to help students like you develop key skill sets essential for entry into this exciting sector. These skills include:

  1. Understanding the importance of teamwork and how to contribute effectively to your team while collaborating with others on different projects.
  2. From casual conversations to pitching ideas and giving presentations to a large audience, you will learn effective workplace communication strategies for different situations.
  3. Developing research and analytical skills that can help you both professionally and personally.
  4. Gaining transferable skills that are applicable and relevant across different job roles and departments within organisations.
  5. Acquiring practical knowledge about various topics that will help you kickstart your career in international business.

Employers all over the world highly value these skills. You can learn all of them at GBS Dubai in a controlled environment using different learning methods like research, independent study, guided study and exploring real-world scenarios. Plus, an HND International in Business with us can help to improve your employability and earn credits towards studying for a bachelor's degree in the future.

Pursue a career in international business

A career in international business: Explore different industries

An HND International in Business equips you with a versatile skillset relevant to a career in international business across various industries worldwide. Here are some exciting career options and sectors you can consider:

  1. You can pursue entry-level positions such as becoming an international sales coordinator, market research analyst or junior business development executive.
  2. Discover opportunities in trade and logistics including import/export, supply chain management and freight forwarding assistant roles.
  3. The thriving tourism and hospitality industry offers exciting roles in hotel management, event planning and travel agencies.
  4. The finance and banking sector presents various openings for HND graduates in banking, insurance and investment firms.
  5. You can use the skills and knowledge you acquired during the course to pursue a career in marketing and advertising, including promising roles in branding, communication and digital marketing agencies.
  6. You could also work for consulting firms offering professional services to help businesses across different industries.

As you gain experience and demonstrate progress in your learning, new management opportunities in areas like international marketing, supply chain management or strategic partnerships may arise.

Continue your education and professional development

After completing an HND International in Business, you can secure entry-level employment. Also, if you want, after gaining some work experience, you can turn your diploma into a bachelor's degree. Further education can help you advance your career in international business. Gaining a high-quality degree with a focus on international business can help to broaden your knowledge and open doors to senior management positions or even help you start your own business!

Promising job roles after completing HND International in Business

Job roles after completing HND International in Business

The graduates from HND International in Businesses can look forward to a promising career in the future. There is a wide range of leading job opportunities for you across various industries including:

  • Finance Analyst
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Event Management Assistant
  • Marketing Executive
  • Business Development Officer
  • Sales Executive
  • Travel Agent
  • Event Planner
  • Advertising Executive
  • Entrepreneur

Build a successful career in international business by completing an HND International in Business in Dubai. Whether you aspire to work for multinational corporations or become an entrepreneur, the skills and knowledge you gain from HND can help you achieve your goals. Remember, GBS Dubai is committed to supporting you throughout your academic and professional journey. So, take the first step towards achieving your career goals by enrolling on our HND International in Business course today!

Frequently asked questions about a career in international business

When you enrol in the Higher National Diploma (HND) programme, you'll notice that it's different from other courses in one aspect. It doesn't just focus on theoretical concepts but also on helping you gain practical skills and industry-specific knowledge. This means you'll get the chance to apply what you're learning in real-world situations, which can be a huge advantage when you start your career.

Completing an HND International in Business can help you open doors to various career opportunities in the global business sector. You can explore numerous roles in multinational corporations, government agencies and trade organisations and even begin your own entrepreneurial path.

Yes, absolutely! After finishing your HND International in Business, you have many opportunities to pursue further education. You can upgrade your HND to a bachelor's degree. Plus, you can reach out to the academic advisors at GBS Dubai, who can help you choose advanced courses or certifications to improve your qualifications as you work towards your future career in international business.

After completing your HND in Dubai, you can pursue various entry-level positions such as international sales coordinator, market research analyst, junior business development executive, import/export assistant, supply chain management and roles in hotel management, event planning and travel agencies.

GBS Dubai offers the HND International in Business course, designed to equip students like you with the industry-relevant skills and knowledge required to excel in the ever-changing business environment. Our experienced faculty has developed an industry-relevant curriculum that emphasises hands-on experience, critical thinking and real-world applications. By the time you finish the program, you'll be ready to work in the global business world. We invite you to join us and become part of the GBS Dubai community!

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