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5 Reasons to Study Information Technology & Artificial Intelligence Course in Dubai

In today's digital era, pursuing a "Diploma in Information Technology" or "Artificial Intelligence Courses" has become increasingly relevant. We are living in a time of digital disruption which is being constantly fuelled by an ever-growing need for access, management and transformation of information.

Technology constitutes a major aspect of our modern lives as a driving force in every sector today. When we look at the core of it all, we will see that innovation, technology, and digitisation are the key elements. It is empowering to see how innovation in AI solutions, the internet of things (IoT) and blockchain have become readily accessible to all.  

It is no wonder that since we are increasingly living in a tech world, IT experts are growing in demand. Pursuing a career and education path in IT can open numerous opportunities for you. You can pursue a wide range of pathways including a Diploma in Information Technology, a Diploma in Artificial Intelligence or an HND in Digital Technologies to start your career in this field but let us discuss the reasons to study IT first.  

What is IT & its positioning in 21st Century?

Information Technology, often abbreviated as IT, is the backbone of the modern world. It uses computers, software, networks, and various technologies to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data. In the 21st century, IT has evolved into a fundamental force shaping every aspect of our lives. From the way we work and communicate to the way we access information and entertain ourselves; everything has changed. In the 21st century, Information Technology has assumed a central role in various domains:

  1. Business and Commerce: IT has transformed the way businesses operate. From e-commerce platforms and data analytics to supply chain management and customer relationship management, IT plays a pivotal role in enhancing efficiency and competitiveness.

  2. Healthcare: Electronic health records, telemedicine, and diagnostic technologies have revolutionised healthcare delivery, improving patient care and outcomes.

  3. Education: Online learning platforms, virtual classrooms, and educational software have made education accessible and flexible, particularly in the face of global challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.

  4. Communication: Social media, messaging apps, and video conferencing tools have reshaped the way we connect and collaborate, transcending geographical boundaries.

  5. Research and Innovation: IT accelerates research through data analysis, simulations, and computational modelling, fostering breakthroughs in various fields, including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

  6. Government and Governance: IT systems streamline government operations, enhance public services, and support data-driven decision-making for policymakers.

  7. Entertainment: Streaming services, video games, and augmented/virtual reality experiences have transformed the entertainment industry, offering more immersive and personalised content.

In Dubai, a city known for its forward-thinking approach, IT is positioned at the forefront of modern transformation. Dubai's commitment to technology and innovation is evident in projects like Smart Dubai, which aims to leverage IT to enhance the city's infrastructure, services, and overall quality of life.

Studying Information Technology in Dubai offers students the opportunity to be part of this exciting journey. As the city continues to invest in IT infrastructure and talent, students can gain a competitive edge and be well-prepared for the dynamic careers that the 21st-century IT landscape offers.

Why you should study Information Technology (IT)?

Information Technology (IT) being a popular field for academic and professional growth, needs no introduction. But why is it one of the preferred choices among professionals today? Let us discuss!

1. A constantly growing career field

Study Information Technology Facts

After graduation, most students are nervous about finding a good job. While the job market is unpredictable, employment opportunities in the IT sector do appear to be on a strong trajectory. In 2023, the global market for information technology increased to $8852.41 billion from $8179.48 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.2%. Additionally, it is projected that the information technology market will expand at a CAGR of 7.9% and reach $11995.97 billion by 2027. 

These stats should not come as a surprise with the constant demand for new AI solutions and (AI) Artificial Intelligence to name a few. IT professionals are expected to be in demand for the foreseeable future. And if you want to stay ahead of the game, (AI) Artificial Intelligence courses, a Diploma in Information Technology, and an HND in Digital Technologies are some of the courses that you should consider in the future.  

2. Leverage of working in any industry

It is evident that there is a constantly growing demand for IT professionals, but they also have the luxury of being able to find employment opportunities in nearly any industry. As technology powers all sectors, there is always a position available in different fields such as finance, retail, education, manufacturing, etc.

The broadly applicable and desirable skill set is a huge asset in recent times of recessions and rough economic stretches. Such skills provide you with some great options, and it’s always better to have different options as opposed to having only one for instance.

3. High earning potential 

Having a practical skill set is key to starting on a good salary and appraisal after completing your studies. Information technology courses are highly valued in modern businesses, with graduates getting a competitive advantage with key experiences and transferable skills. The median annual salaries for IT professionals in 2020 ranged from US$55,510 to US$1,26,830, with a percentage of competent professionals earning even more than that.

The salary of an individual depends on the experience and competencies he/she possesses. Today, courses like a Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and the HND in digital technologies can all help to gain industry-relevant skills and experience in no time.

4. Modernise professional skills 

In these uncertain times, staying relevant in a constantly changing landscape is a challenge, but IT and (AI) Artificial Intelligence courses can both help to create growth in areas of demand for employees. Upgrading your skill set, or adding extra accomplishments to your profile, is a great way to establish expertise and relevant experience in numerous aspects.  

5. Start with different education options 

Unlike many other professions, the way to start or advance your career in the IT field can be quite flexible depending on your career needs, goals and existing education levels. You can get started by pursuing a Diploma in Information Technology, HND in Digital Technologies, or an (AI) Artificial Intelligence course such as a Diploma in Artificial Intelligence from a reputed institution. Such courses can kick-start your career as soon as possible while providing an excellent foundation for progress. Now that you have carefully considered the information about the reasons for studying Information Technology, you must also understand why it is important to do it from Dubai. Yes, Dubai! 

The second wealthiest emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is one of the most advanced and modern cities in the world. It is also the largest and most populous metropolitan area in the UAE, situated on the Persian Gulf and backed by the Arabian desert. The city is also known as a leading business destination for African and middle eastern countries. The top sectors that drive the growth of this economy are tourism, IT and finance. Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City are known for housing top IT firms along with media organisations such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle Corporation, BBS, HP, CNN and Sky News to name a few.  

Dubai is known for its skyscrapers, high living standards and its reputable higher education institutions. This cosmopolitan city is a popular international study destination and thus attracts students from around the globe.  

Furthermore, Information Technology is one of the most sought-after sectors surpassing $4.5 trillion in 2017 and is estimated to show consistent growth in the coming years. There is no better place to launch your career in IT than Dubai. After all, it is home to the world’s leading IT and tech-driven organisations, graduates can find numerous career opportunities in the sector. Moreover, Dubai offers numerous Information Technology and (AI) Artificial Intelligence courses for IT students to begin with, such as Diploma in information technology, a Diploma in artificial intelligence and HND in digital technologies Dubai to name a few. These courses are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the field of IT and AI. 

Ready to become an IT & AI professional?

5 Reasons to Study Information Technology (IT) Courses in Dubai

Now as you know, Dubai is becoming an education and IT hub, let's explore why pursuing a course in IT from Dubai can improve your chances of professional growth and development: 

1. Thriving IT industry

Dubai has one of the fastest-growing IT industries, making it an ideal destination to study IT & (AI) Artificial Intelligence courses such as Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, Diploma in information technology, etc. Top IT firms have established their regional headquarters in Dubai, creating numerous job opportunities for IT professionals. The city has undergone an incredible transformation over the past few decades. From a small fishing village to a bustling metropolis. With its world-class infrastructure, favourable business environment, and strategic location, Dubai has become a hub for IT professionals and students alike. 

The HND in Digital Technologies in Dubai is one of the popular courses among students seeking to establish a career in IT. This course provides hands-on training in digital technologies such as cyber security, data analysis and more. With its world-class infrastructure, favourable business environment, and strategic location, Dubai offers the ideal platform for students to gain practical knowledge and experience in IT and AI. 

2. Favourable Business Environment

Dubai has long been known for its business-friendly environment, and this extends to the field of IT as well. The city offers a range of incentives and benefits to companies operating in the IT sector, including tax breaks, streamlined bureaucracy, and access to funding and investment. This favourable business environment has created a thriving IT industry in Dubai, with many international IT companies establishing their operations in the city. This, in turn, has created a wealth of job opportunities for IT professionals, making Dubai an excellent destination for those looking to build a career in IT. 

The HND in Digital Technologies in Dubai is an excellent opportunity for students to tap into this booming industry. With hands-on training in the latest digital technologies, students can gain valuable skills that are in high demand in the job market. Moreover, completing the HND in digital technologies in Dubai can open up many doors to job opportunities in the city's growing IT sector. Students can benefit from the city's favourable business environment and access to top IT firms, making Dubai an ideal destination for those looking to start a career in IT. 

3. World-Class Infrastructure 

Dubai is known for its impressive infrastructure, and this extends to the field of IT. The city has invested heavily in developing state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, including high-speed internet connectivity, data centres, and cloud computing facilities. This infrastructure has attracted many global IT companies to set up their operations in Dubai, creating a vibrant IT ecosystem that offers students a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow. As a result, students studying IT or digital technologies courses in Dubai have access to some of the most advanced tools and technologies available, which can be incredibly valuable when it comes to building a successful career in IT. 

4. Strategic Location 

Dubai's strategic location makes it an ideal destination for IT students and professionals. The city sits at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, making it a gateway to some of the world's fastest-growing markets. This means that students studying IT & digital technologies courses in Dubai can gain exposure to a wide range of cultural and business practices, making them highly sought after by international employers. Additionally, Dubai's location in the Middle East gives students access to some of the region's most innovative and exciting IT projects, which can be an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience and build a strong network in the industry.

5. World-Class Universities 

Dubai is home to several world-class universities offering some of the world’s best IT courses. These universities offer a range of IT & digital technologies courses in Dubai courses, including undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, as well as short courses and professional certifications. These courses are designed to prepare students for a range of IT careers, from software development to cybersecurity to data analytics. Many universities in Dubai have partnerships with international universities and IT companies, giving students access to unique opportunities and global networks.

GBS Dubai is one of the leading higher education providers and offers a wide range of courses such as a Diploma in Information Technology, a Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, or an HND in Digital Technologies to name a few. If you wish to fulfil your higher education dream, GBS Dubai can help you do so.

In conclusion, studying IT & (AI) Artificial Intelligence courses in Dubai offers students a unique opportunity to gain exposure to some of the most advanced IT infrastructure and technologies available in a favourable business environment, strategic location, multicultural environment, and world-class universities. These factors make Dubai an excellent destination for students looking to build a career in IT, and with the continued growth of the city's IT sector, it is a trend that is set to continue. 

Career Prospects in Information Technology (IT)

Career in Information Technology (IT)

Now that we have established the benefits of studying IT & (AI) Artificial Intelligence courses like a Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, an HND in digital technologies in Dubai, etc. and how this field is rapidly growing, let us talk about some of the most recognised career paths in Information Technology.  

  • Software Developer: Software developers design, develop, and maintain software applications. They work in a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and gaming. 

  • Data Scientist: Data scientists are responsible for collecting, analysing, and interpreting large amounts of data. They use statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms to extract insights and trends from the data. 

  • Cybersecurity Specialist: Cybersecurity specialists are responsible for protecting computer systems and networks from cyber threats. They identify and mitigate vulnerabilities in systems, develop security protocols, and respond to security breaches. 

  • IT Project Manager: IT project managers oversee the planning, execution, and delivery of IT projects. They are responsible for ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders. 

  • Network Engineer: Network engineers design, implement, and maintain computer networks. They ensure that networks are reliable, secure, and able to meet the needs of the organisation. 

  • Web Developer: Web developers design, develop, and maintain websites. They work with a variety of programming languages and technologies to create user-friendly and visually appealing websites. 

  • Database Administrator: Database administrators are responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of databases. They ensure that data is organised, secure, and accessible to those who need it. 

  • IT Support Specialist: IT support specialists provide technical support to end-users. They troubleshoot and resolve technical issues with hardware, software, and networks. 

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer: Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers develop and implement AI and machine learning solutions for organisations. They work with large amounts of data and develop algorithms that can learn from the data and make predictions or decisions. 

These are just a few examples of the many career paths available in IT. As technology continues to evolve, new career paths are likely to emerge, creating even more opportunities for IT professionals

Financial Considerations before enrolling into an Artificial Intelligence Course

When planning to pursue a degree in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence in Dubai, it's essential to have a clear understanding of the financial aspects involved. Here’s more to it:

  1. Cost of Studying in Dubai
    • Studying in Dubai offers a world-class education, but it's important to be aware of the associated expenses:

    • Tuition Fees: Tuition fees vary depending on the institution and program. On average, expect to invest anywhere from AED 40,000 per year for HND courses and higher for postgraduate studies.

    • Accommodation: Dubai offers a range of accommodation options, from student dormitories to private apartments. Prices can vary greatly but generally range from AED 2500 to AED 4,500 per year.

    • Living Expenses: Your monthly living expenses, including food, transportation, and leisure activities, may average around AED 6400 to AED 13500.

    • Visa Costs: International students must consider visa fees and renewals, totalling approximately AED 3700 to AED 5500 per year.
  1. Scholarships and Grants

    Dubai government & educational institutions offer various scholarships to support international students pursuing artificial intelligence course. Check your options and avail a waiver or a scholarship to manage your budgets.
  1. Part-Time Work Opportunities

    Dubai allows international students to work part-time while studying, subject to certain conditions. You can either look for on-campus jobs, internships: Explore internship opportunities in Dubai's thriving tech industry. Internships can provide practical experience and financial support.

By carefully considering these financial aspects. You can make studying IT and AI in Dubai not only an educational but also a financially feasible and rewarding experience. Remember that thorough planning and utilizing available resources can significantly ease the financial burden of pursuing your dreams in this vibrant city.

Study Information Technology (IT) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses with GBS Dubai

GBS Dubai offers a diverse range of digital technologies courses in Dubai across multiple subject areas, making them a top choice for those seeking to advance their careers. Some of the courses offered by GBS Dubai in IT are mentioned below in detail:

IT & digital technologies courses in Dubai to choose from:

  • HND in Digital Technologies

    Enrolling in GBS Dubai's Higher National Diploma in Digital Technologies will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to enhance your expertise in crucial areas like web design, networking, and security. The course syllabus covers topics such as artificial intelligence, business intelligence, IoT, and networking, among others. Upon completion, you will be well-prepared to pursue exciting technology careers, including software development, data analysis, business analyst, and network engineering, among several others.

  • HND in Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions and Applications)

    By enrolling in the Higher National Diploma in Digital Technologies with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Solutions and Applications, you can acquire a comprehensive understanding of the current AI landscape and gain the technical, personal, and professional skills necessary for a thriving career. Through a combination of hands-on learning, real-world projects, and expert instruction, you can develop into a more versatile and well-rounded professional upon completing the HND in Digital Technologies - Artificial Intelligence course.

GBS Dubai, the leading education provider’s motto, "changing lives through education," underscores its commitment to providing a transformative educational experience. GBS Dubai has established partnerships with respected education providers to expand the range of courses available to students across the globe, adding further value to their educational experience. GBS Dubai also provides opportunities for students to work while studying, with assistance from dedicated support staff in finding suitable roles.

Students benefit from a curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, with guidance from knowledgeable lecturers. Additionally, GBS offers flexible study options that make studying in Dubai more feasible for international students. Studying at GBS Dubai could be the first step toward fulfilling your aspirations of studying abroad and achieving your career goals.

Entry Requirements:

Academic entry requirements are subject to variations based on the country of origin. To obtain specific academic requirements tailored to your country, please reach out to us directly.

For admission to GBS, it is important to be proficient in English language at a particular standard. We accept a variety of English language qualifications and tests as part of our course entry criteria. GBS Dubai has partnered with Pearson as an education provider for all the GBS Dubai courses. This helps to broaden what GBS Dubai has to offer its students.

Allow GBS Dubai to enhance your prospects with a rewarding educational experience in Dubai.


Frequently Asked Questions about Information Technology & Artificial Intelligence Course

The HND in Digital Technologies course is intended for students who wish to pursue practical learning as a part of their education. The course offers a comprehensive curriculum in the digital computing field and is tailored to students interested in building a career in this area. This course is designed to equip you with a broad and progressive understanding of the digital computing industry. In the first year, you will develop a solid foundation in the basics of the sector. In the second year, you will delve into more complex subject matter and challenging assignments, enabling you to enhance your technical skills. The rigorous learning environment, structured curriculum, and teaching methodology provide a holistic learning experience, preparing you for future success in the digital computing sector.

A Diploma in information technology can provide a solid foundation for a career in the field of Information Technology. The scope of this programme is quite extensive, as it covers a wide range of topics related to the field, including computer programming, database management, web design, networking, and cybersecurity. The demand for professionals with IT skills is constantly growing, and with a diploma in this field, you can gain a competitive edge in the job market.

Every university and college has its own unique fee system that can vary based on various factors such as the course, level of education, and location. At GBS Dubai, we understand that prospective students need to have a clear understanding of the cost of their chosen programme. Therefore, we encourage you to consult with our admission experts who can provide you with the necessary information about the cost of studying at our institution.

The tech industry heavily relies on artificial intelligence, which is constantly improving and advancing. AI plays a significant role in computer vision, speech analysis, and natural language processing, and its influence extends to various industries and society as a whole. Given the far-reaching impact of AI, it's not surprising that this field offers a multitude of career opportunities.

Part-time work and internships are available to students in Dubai, with international students typically permitted to work up to 15 hours per week. However, under a student visa in Dubai, full-time employment is generally not permitted. Therefore, it is recommended that students pursuing studies in Dubai seek flexible study options that can enable them to balance work and studies.

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